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Benefits of LTEs for Advocacy

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Letters to the Editor are a great way to inspire your community. See why:

Letters to the Editor are free and accessible to individuals and groups with no budget. While you can handwrite a letter, we suggest using word processing software such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or similar apps to write your message. We also have a great tool

Newspapers are still essential and relevant in many rural areas of the USA. We understand that the digital divide can affect some communities more than others, and in many of these affected communities, the newspaper is the only way to get current information.

Newspapers have built up historical authority and large number of readers. While many Americans are moving to social media platforms, newspapers and TV networks are still seen as more “reliable”. A staple in many communities, local news outlets are the most widely trusted source of information – especially when it comes to political journalism.

LTE’s allow you to tap into the large audience of that publication. Social media pages, groups, and email lists, don’t have the same general reach as a long standing newspaper outlet. It benefits advocates to leverage readership into potential allies.

You can connect and inspire individuals from marginalized groups who may not already be present in your movement. Your voice can make a difference!

Helps educate and influence public opinion, while creating an impression of widespread support/opposition for an issue.

Influence policy-makers. The Letters to the Editor section is often monitored by elected officials so that they can keep their finger on the pulse of their constituents.