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Democrats Deliver Podcast

During the pandemic, organizing and connecting to the community became increasingly difficult. In March 2021, I stepped up and ran for Chair of the Democratic Party of Doña Ana County and found myself faced with unique challenges. How could we ensure that our messaging and communications were reaching the community? 

So I decided to launch a small podcast (the first for any county Democratic Party in the state of New Mexico) and I made it my goal to ensure that our candidates had an outlet to be heard and reach interested voters.

Advocate Training Lab

As an educator, I’ve dreamed of creating accessible online mini-courses to inform our community how to understand politics, get involved, participate in conventions and primaries, and organize with digital tools. 

Well, that dream is finally coming to fruition. I’ve started partnering with local and statewide leaders on developing virtual mini-courses to bridge the gap of information so that we all have an equal chance to understand how to advocate. Development is on-going and we plan to launch this year.